Trinity Family Life



Today, communications is key to any organization’s success. We provide a regular stream of information via the Web, email, FaceBook and printed materials such Weekly Announcements Sheets, and Special Inserts.

Women’s Group

Periodically the women of Trinity meet for prayer, study, entertainment.  If there’s a special project that is needed at the church we stand ready to assist.  We help with dinners and special events.  Whatever is needed, the women are ready to serve.

Men’s Breakfast

Once a month, our men gather to share food and fellowship. Sometimes there’s a Bible passage discussed, other times, they focus on contemporary issues that affect our churches and families.

Pot Luck Meals

Once a month, on a Wednesday evening, we gather to share food and fellowship. Each person brings enough to share with others. It’s an ideal opportunity to invite a visitor to get to know the Trinity family.